The Smile

This one I wrote after an encounter in a coffee shop…oh the possibilities that could have been but I was too taken aback to explore.  Enjoy!  coffee cup

The Smile 

A stranger smiled at me today,
I smiled back.
My world was overflowing in ways
I am incapable of keeping track.

He made me laugh & forget
any faults and worries.
And for a moment I felt,
Wonderfully beautiful–a Woman. Continue Reading »


radio_mikeThis one came to me while I was listening to one of those call in radio request shows, where you can call in a request a song to be played.  This fellow called up and requested the song Anymore and said he wanted it to be sent out to the girl he wants to break up with. Continue Reading »

horse cloudThis one I wrote this past summer, I was sitting on a bench under a tree while waiting for my sister on her property outside of Bon Accord.  The sun was shining and the clouds offered up a show across the great blue summer skies.  And it brought up memories of cloud gazing of my youth and this poem is the result.  Enjoy!   Continue Reading »

success imageI have lost track of the weeks, so I am going to have to play a bit of catch up!  I think I need to choose a day to post a poem and stick to it.  Anyway this one was written for my cousins a number of years ago.  My dad had called me to tell me of their success and to share that there was going to be a big shindig to celebrate.   Continue Reading »

Week 9 Poem

This is one of my favourite poems that I have written.  I wrote it while still in college.   I was having a hard time concentrating on my studying and was feeling the pressure because I had a lot to finish but time was slipping away from me.  And  as the saying goes, time waits for no man or in my case woman.   Continue Reading »

Canadian Winter Wonderland

robin-branches-hoar-frostToday the trees,
are warmly dressed.
Enclosed in the enveloping,
hoarfrost and snow.

The grasses have bent their heads,
and bestowed gentle kisses,
on the snowdrifts nearby.
Continue Reading »

megaphone imageThis poem I wrote when I was in university, there was a demonstration on something or other it seemed every other week.  I recall a classmate of mine criticizing anyone who had not been involved in the protest.   Continue Reading »