More and more often I wonder if I am out of step with the rest of the world. I used to think this as a kid and then as a teenager. Maybe it’s because I never paid attention to pressures from those around me. I remember hearing about this thing called peer pressure. And thinking to myself, what the heck is that? If you don’t want to do something that someone is suggesting you do, then don’t. If it doesn’t feel right, well here’s a plan don’t do it.

When I was in college and then university, the same thing. I never felt the urge to follow the crowd or the need to fit in so that I could be accepted. If people couldn’t accept me for who I was too bad for them.

Now as an adult I realize that I was probably a strong kid, teenager and young adult who didn’t need the reassurance from the friends around me because I had a tremendous strong foundation provided for me with my family.

Now I do recall trying to find my place in the family. And sometimes feeling as if I wasn’t necessarily part of the family, especially on my dad’s side. I think that is in part because everyone else was so much older than me. My closest sister was six years my senior and well she probably wasn’t too impressed to have a baby sister come along as usurp her place as the ‘baby of the family’. Heck she held that position for six years, and here I come along.

I do remember being pushed aside and not being included when we would go to family gatherings at Baba’s in Two Hills. Karen and the boys would head off for a walk and deep meaningful talks around town. And well they didn’t want a kid hanging around with them. So I often ended up sitting in the corner with the adults.

But am I bitter about this. No, it was the way things were. What I do and where I go, the decision I make today are based on what I know and am doing or need to do as an adult. It isn’t the fault of my sister, cousins, parents, aunts or classmates, friends, neighbours etc. that intersected with me to get me to where I am today.

So maybe I am out of step with the world because I don’t feel I should blame my behavior upon the people around me. I take responsibility for what I do and how my decisions may affect my world around me. Strange I know but well that is my view…what you do with it, well that is up to you and NOT my fault. Own up to your decisions, mistakes and your failures. They are all yours. Embrace them. And celebrate them if necessary. Wouldn’t the world be amazing place if we all did that?

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This weekend ended up being busier than I had originally planned. But it was all good. Was a traveling bumpkin, between Three Hills, Edmonton, Foisy, back to Edmonton and then home to Killam yesterday. And my laundry and housework waited for me to come home. Those house elves must have been traveling too! But it was a lovely to see family and have time to visit. Shared memories, laughter and few tears but it was all good! Remember those who are here and celebrating those who are.

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